What Is Google Adsense

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What Is Google Adsense

Muhammed Zaigham is a compture science student,
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I am the member off google
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Google Adsense Lessons In Urdu

What Is Google adsense

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google adsense

what is Google Adsense?

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what is Google Adsense?

if you knows about the internet then you surely knows about the GOOGLE. google is listed in one of the most richest companies in the world. google intorduced many product and Adsense is one of them. although GOOGLE is rich but he wants the other peoples in this world also get rich.
when you apply for the google’s adsense product . the allow you to use an adsense account. adsense account provide options to generate ads and the advertiser put this on his or her website. when ads displays on his website and some visitors came here and click on his site and he get paid for a little percentage in dollars which has been added after all on you adsense account. Now there is a question that who’ ads are their?

the answer to this question is so simple that every person or company who made a product ,want it to be famous so he get start advertising on news paper,mags,tv and on the websites ,now google is place where lots of people come to search for their desierd things and this product or service maker pay to google and avail adword facility in which google spread their ads over the web.

Hello world!

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